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The village of Sorano, perched on top of a steep tufa rock, is surrounded by the deep Lente River valley, which made its position strategically very important. The first historical documentation, as the surrounding archaeological sites demonstrate, dates back to the Etruscan period.
Today, the forms of Sorano’s historic centre are virtually unchanged.

Definitely worth visiting are the Fortezza Orsini with its fortified complex which was built up between the 12th and 16th centuries, with the evocative underground defensive trenches, a perfectly preserved and rare example of military engineering, the Church of San Nicola (13th century), Palazzo Comitale (13th - 14th century.), the Masso Leopoldino, a natural tufa terrace sitting right in the centre of the village, dominating the Lente River valley, the Porta dei Merli, Jewish Ghetto and finally, on the road to Sovana, the Necropolis of San Rocco, where visitors can enjoy a sublime view onto the village.


Castiglione della Pescaia e Diaccia Botrona, Scansano Parco della Maremma, Terme di Saturnia, Pitigliano...

The seaside resort

Located 250 meters from the hotel, the beach facility offers its guests a beach umbrella with sun chairs, sun beds and beach towels.

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The hotel is located in Marina di Grosseto.